General Meetings

Be sure to read the monthly newsletter, The Anacortes Agent, for specific dates, times and location.  Most events and meetings in 2021/22 will be offered via Zoom until further notice.

The public is invited to attend the educational and informative General Meetings.  Unless otherwise stated, the monthly AAUW-Anacortes General Meeting location is Anacortes Public Library Meeting Room at 1220 10th St. or via Zoom.

Please note that there are no General Meetings during the months of June, July, and August.

General Meetings begin with Hospitality at 6:45 p.m., and the program begins at 7:00 p.m.  Minutes from each meeting are posted in the monthly newsletter, The Anacortes Agent.  All newsletters are archived in the Members Only section of this website.

General Meetings 2021/22

September 9, 2021:  Meet the Candidates

Presenters:  Ryan Walters and Matt Miller

The mayoral candidates presented their visions for the future of Anacortes


October 14, 2022:  Tech Trek Participants

Several 8th grade students from area schools related their experiences at the one-week Tech Trek experience that was conducted via Zoom this year.


November 11, 2021: Book Talk – Science

Presenter:  Linda Hendrick

For the last 35 years, one of our general meetings has been a ‘book talk’.  Skagit Valley College Librarian, Linda Hendrick, leads this unique and popular event.  Each year a different topic is selected by Linda and members are asked to read a book on that topic.  At the meeting, Linda provides a hand-out with information on the topic, including a bibliography, and each hand-out has a different quote on the topic. Members are asked to read their quote before talking about their book. Topics in the past have included: family, gardening, autobiographies, mysteries, humor and cookbooks.


December 9, 2021:  Representative Debra Lekanoff

Our 40th District Representative Debra Lekanoff will present her “Report to the Constituents” on Thursday, Dec. 9th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.  Access to the Zoom link may be obtained at


January 13, 2022:  Lisa Amatangel, Mountaineer

The public is invited to meet mountaineer Lisa Amatangel who has conquered the Seven Summits Challenge–climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.  Ms. Amatangel is the fifth woman to have completed the Seven Summits Challenge with the fastest time for an American woman, and the second fastest time of any woman on the planet.  The Seven Summits are Everest, Aconcagua, McKinley, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Vinson, and Carstensz Pyramid. This virtual presentation is sponsored by The Anacortes branch of the American Association of University Women on Thursday, January 13 at 7 pm.  Request the link to this Zoom program by sending an email to


February 10, 2022:  Joyful Art by Terry McDonald

Join AAUW Anacortes on an artful journey by local artist, Terry MacDonald. Terry’s loose expressive style combines with bright, vivid colors to create what many describe as “joyful art.” Through multi-layered acrylic and mixed media abstracts she strives to convey upbeat and positive images through exuberant brush work, mark making and vibrating color. Terry says, “If my work makes someone smile or brightens their day I am fulfilled as an artist.”This virtual presentation is sponsored by the Anacortes branch of the American Association of University Women on Thursday, February 10 at 7 pm. Request the link to this Zoom program by sending an email to

March 10, 2022: : A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door

Join us for a discussion of the book, “A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door,” by Jack Schneider and Jennifer Berkshire about the dismantling of public education. We will begin with a short video interview with Jennifer Berkshire and continue with comments from several members who have read the book and wish to respond. If you care about the future of education, you will want to attend this meeting. Sponsored by The Anacortes branch of the American Association of University Women on Thursday, March 10 at 7 pm. Request the link to this Zoom program by sending an email to


April 14, 2022:  Branch Meeting


May 12, 2022: Learn About Mars by Dr. Melissa Rice

Please join us for a fascinating virtual presentation about Mars by Dr. Melissa Rice, Associate Professor of Planetary Science at Western Washington University (WWU). Sponsored by the Anacortes Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAAUW) on Thursday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Rice is a collaborator on the active Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity missions, a Participating Scientist on the Mars Science Laboratory rover mission, and a co-investigator for the Mastcam-Z investigation in development for the Mars 2020 rover mission. She leads the Western Mars Lab, the planetary geology research group at WWU. Please request the Zoom link at


June 9, 2022:  STEM and Scholarship Awards

Our June meeting is dedicated to the three Anacortes High School senior girls honored by the Washington State STEM Scholar Recognition Program. Awards are granted to girls achieving in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

In addition, we will recognize the five scholarship recipients who are in an undergraduate degree program, a vocational certification program, or planning to take courses beyond the undergraduate level in preparation for an advanced degree.

Our featured speaker will be a woman presently working in a field of science, technology, engineering or mathematics who discusses her career and career path.